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Shinee key dating male model, allkpop forums

Just wanted to take note of that. Korean culture, fashion and personality towards the same sex specifically with guys seem to come into play differently than in american culture. We are very touchy not in a sexual way but with hugs, pats on the shoulder, slapping each other, etc. Born and raised in Daegu, South Korea, dating myrtle beach he later travelled to Seoul after a successful audition at the S.

Who is Key s Girlfriend Lovelife about Kim Ki bum of SHINee

  • His work to bring people happiness through music and other channels should be more than enough.
  • He's giving us hints here and there.
  • But why would he keep this a secret?
  • Every time I'm promoting I hear things like that.

Onew Key Minho Taemin Jonghyun. Well, an interviewer asked him about this and he said he's more interested in a woman with fashion rather than good looks. You should feel proud for putting in so much hard work, that thread started to get redundant after I read five pages. Key sings in both Korean and English over the original melody alongside the British pop trio.

He said he wanted to date and asked questions about girls liking him. Even their own members say they are way too close. They are very touchy with each other. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Manila Bulletin Publishing.

Shinee key dating male model

Who Has a Girlfriend in SHINee

Shinee are one of two non-Japanese artists besides Big Bang to make it into the top ten of the list. The special featured the Shinee members visiting various countries of their choice without the assistance of their management staff and with the production crew instructed to not interfere. Key has also contributed to songwriting that have been released in Shinee's and Toheart's albums.

Shinee key dating male model

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We call each other honey and say I love you quite often, but we are all very interested in men and would never date each other. This does sound like Key, but it could also be Heechul. Five will be released Feb.

Plus Korean culture is different from American culture. Its all for their audiences. This article is about the Shinee member. Hankyung via Seoul Yonhap News.


On variety shows, Key usually showcases his ability to perform girl group dances. Taemin mentioned that Key brings strangers to their dorm random hookups from bars? Woooww, what world are we living in? He always came off as metrosexual.

Just like what you said, Key being the most traditional probably affects the way he acts. Naver via Newsis in Korean. Seoul Newspaper in Korean. Sometimes he makes it more apparent.

  1. In a interview, Minho said Key had been out drunk many times and had to pick him up.
  2. Fashion Journal in Korean.
  3. So he may have deleted them bcuz of it.
  4. He has boyfriend, One of top korean model.
  5. Rumors that he's secretly dating Kara Nicole.

So maybe he actually does like his ideal types? Due to the success of his works, Key was later appointed as fashion director of the group. He even changed his icon to black.

Both are known not to follow trends, but instead have their own unique style, mixing elements of the new trends with outdated items. Please don't take this post the wrong way. They are bisexual, like all human beings. Even if it wasn't about them, a lot of people might've tweeted Hyeongseop about it. He wants us to know who he really is.

Who Has a Girlfriend in SHINee

Key (entertainer)

During Weekly Idol, members were going down the line asking each other tough questions i. But probably not who the rumor said it was. Plus he said he's attracted to a girl like Chloe Savingey and she doesn't seem like someone a straight guy would like. My friend told me his friend has slept with Key in London. They look like close friends to me.

Then again, asian dating service san it was suspicious how a lot of Hyeongseops tweets were deleted within a week of the rumor. English translation at Soshified. He is receiving many praise and love from the staff. He did say he was an honest person and can't lie if he really doesn't like something. Music Industry Association of Korea.

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Sometimes he's girly, sometimes he's manly. Tradition and culture are extremely, extremely strong influences. For a while I was excited, because they were being so upfront about their relationship. Then he said he saw a t shirt of her naked and made a disgusting face at the thought of himself wearing it?

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Some actors and actresses were in the local tabloids and news reported dating with same sex. Not confirmed if strangers are male or female. He's friends with a lot of female idols, more so than male idols this doesn't really mean anything. Don't you think the rumor would've mentioned that they were both male? Key has used Naver to search people's names before.

Despite having no experience in dramas at the time of his audition, his acting gave off a very fresh vibe. There are so many people with indifferent romantic lives, how to ask to but have fulfilling family lives. He's also known for his unique fashion sense.

Shinee key dating male model

Key straddles the fence, but for me, I think the overall outcome is clear. You can clearly tell he's trying so hard to come out. Key is always lovingly referred to as a diva, which irritates me to no end. Korea Tourism Organization. Being a fan transcends what ethnicity and what nationality you are.

After all, He did say he was an honest guy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Oh well, I'm sure he has his reasons. Sometimes it seems like they could be a couple, or people that have been together for a very, very long time. My Bad guys, apparently a fan asked him this question and the fan gave him these names as choices to put them in order.

Guess that's why he's so flamboyant. Different people find happiness in different things. Could easily be something someone made up. He participated in the project on youth self-concept development started by students in his major.

Shinee key dating male model
Shinee key dating male model
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